Growing and managing your campground or RV park has never been this easy.

Get more happy campers by using the industry’s easiest-to-use booking software. Plus, it’s free for you to list your campground and take bookings through our online marketplace.

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Do you struggle with any of these?

Getting Found

Some campgrounds are blessed with a season full of bookings, but so many private campgrounds we’ve talked to struggle to get campers back year after year.

We’re helping solve this pain with our online listing platform, which makes it easy for campers to find and book at your campground.
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Once a camper has booked at your campground they're much more likely to return next year.

You can rest assured that your campers are finding their way to a great time outdoors without you lifting a finger.

Too Many Booking Errors

So many campgrounds have switched to using Let’s Camp after battling season after season of headaches over silly errors like double bookings, missed calls, and lost information.


Your trusty pen and paper may work most of the time, but what’s the cost when your campers leave angry because someone else was booked into their spot?


Our reservation system ensures that double bookings never happen and all of the camper’s details are saved to each booking so that no information is left out.

Easy to Use

Switching to online booking can be overwhelming. We know that our campgrounds prefer spending time outdoors rather than looking at a booking screen.

That’s why we keep it simple while including the features you need most.

Let’s Camp is easy for you, your team, and your campers.

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Best of all - It's Free for you!

Let’s Camp charges campers a small fee for each booking which means our success is based on campers making reservations at your campground.

Want to Use Let's Camp for your campground?

Ready to start saving your campground time, money, and headaches? Let’s chat and discover all the ways Let’s Camp’s software will help you do all of that while keeping your current campers happy and attracting brand new ones, too!

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Let’s Camp allows the camper to create, edit and cancel their reservations which allowed our staff to focus on other duties. Love it!

Dunnet Regional Park



Keep up the hard work with the Let’s Camp App. I can tell you that our park numbers are up about 400% from last year and I account it to using the Let’s Camp app! Please share this with your team… great job!

Big Bend Campground



Let’s Camp is a very useful program and it has made my job as a campground manager much easier! Their tech support is awesome!

Wawanesa Community Park