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Taking reservations and managing your campground has never been this easy. Save time and make more revenue with Let's Camp.

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Taking & Managing Campground Reservations
Can be Stressful

With Let's Camp, it doesn't have to be.

We’ve built our campground reservation system to solve the key pain points we’ve heard over and over from campgrounds just like yours. Our goal is to save you time by automating your booking processes and keep your campground full. Our FREE, online booking system provides you with the following benefits:

You can rest assured that your campers are finding their way to a great time outdoors without you lifting a finger.

Save Time & Eliminate Errors

Many campgrounds have switched to using Let’s Camp after battling season after season of headaches over silly errors like double bookings, missed calls, and lost information.

Your trusty pen and paper may work most of the time, but what’s the cost when your campers get a busy signal and book elsewhere, or leave angry because someone else was booked into their spot?

Our reservation system ensures campers have access to book at any hour of the day and ensures that double bookings never happen.

Get Found & Get Booked

Some campgrounds are blessed with a season full of bookings, but many private and municipal campgrounds we’ve talked to struggle to stay busy all season long.

We’re helping solve this pain with our online listing platform, which makes it easy for campers to find and book at your campground. Tens of thousands of campers go to every year to book their camping.

Get found today!

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Once a camper has booked at your campground they're much more likely to return next year.

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Easy to Use

Our goal is to keep it simple while including the features you need most.

Switching to online booking can be overwhelming. We know that our campgrounds prefer spending time outdoors rather than looking at a booking screen or on the phone so setup and training is quick and painless with help from our expert team.

Let’s Camp is easy for you, your team, and your campers. 

Much More than Just a Booking System

Yes, our online reservation system can help you take and manage bookings as well as get you found online, but there is so much more including:

  • seasonal site management
  • add-on product sales
  • financial reporting
  • event listings & registration
  • local attraction listings
  • and so much more

Watch our fun little video to learn more and then book a call with our expert team to help grow your campground.

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We’re loving Let’s Camp. It’s very easy to use, it improves our client experience as clients everywhere can better plan their stays. The software makes us look so good as clients get a professional-looking confirmation and receipt.

Williams Lake Stampede Campground Logo

Williams Lake Stampede Campground

British Columbia, Canada


Keep up the hard work with the Let’s Camp App. I can tell you that our park numbers are up about 400% from last year and I account it to using the Let’s Camp app! Please share this with your team… great job!

Big Bend Campground

Ontario, Canada


Just want to let you know that we have and are still having great success with Let’s Camp. It has made our lives so much easier, and I would recommend this site to anyone.

Alert Bay Campground


British Columbia, Canada

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